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 Crystal Winter

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Crystal Winter
Auradon Prep Student
Auradon Prep Student
Crystal Winter

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PostSubject: Crystal Winter   Sun Dec 11, 2016 3:07 pm

~ Quote or Lyric That Fits Your Character ~

Full Name: Crystal Laurel Winter
Nickname:C, Crys
Birthdate: 17th November
Grade: Junior
Hometown: Snow Kingdom
Current Home: Auradon Prep School
Gender: Female
Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual
Alliance: Neutral

Face Claim:Choi, Jin Ri(Sulli)
Hair Style:Long, Curly, Loose
Hair Color:Crystal used to have blue hair but since it looked so much odd around here Auradon but nowadays there seem to be even so many other girls with odd colours of hair. So she did dye her hair to brown, what was more common colour around here. She could have done it to blonde but she liked brown more.
Eye Color:Brown, used to be Blue.
Unique Features: Has her ears pierced once.
Clothing Style: She is the girl who will wear dresses most of her time. She just likes to dress as a princess.

Crystal is the girl who seems to be friendly and a kind of towards everyone. She just likes to get along with people. She just doesn't like to be mean towards people but if you really piss her or hurt someone close to her then she can even show that side of her. She can be quite a cruel one then for sure. You don't wanna mess with her actually.

She is actually very cheerful one since she has always smile on her face, even then when she actually isn't happy. She doesn't let anyone see her sad. She just hates when people bitty her. She likes to seem strong in front of everyone.

Well, she quite a brave one and she aren't afraid to lead some team or something like that. She likes to take the risk in her life whenever she can. She has leader qualities in her. Well, you can say even that she is a smart girl but doesn't always show it out. Well, of course, she likes to be the centre of attention.

Father's Name: Edward Winter (more known as Snow King)
Occupation: King of Snow Kingdom
Status:   Living

Mother's Name: Lyla Winter (more known as Snow Queen)
Age: 39
Occupation: Queen of Snow Kingdom
Status:   Living

Sibling's Name: Claudia Winter
Age: 14
Grade or Occupation: Freshman
Occupation: Auradon Prep Student.
Status: Living

General History: She was born in the Snow Kingdom as the first daughter to Snow Queen and King. She was an only child for two years then was born her sister Claudia, to whom she became an older sister. They were quite close at first but when they grow older then they became distance, mostly because they seemed to be interested in different things. Crystal wanted to be next queen but Claudia didn't seem to like the idea of it. So now sisters barely talk.

Her childhood was still quite good. She didn't really have many friends until she went to Ever After High. It was a school where many different children did go. She mostly ended up there for some reasons, what she doesn't really wanna discuss, actually it's pretty long story. Anyways there she met some new friends for her. She really liked that school and she learned some things about things around her.

In some point, she did transfer to Auradon Prep School. Where she goes now. Well this school is bit different from her old school but same time same. She have made here few new friends and of course to herself some enemies.

Family History: Her mother is known as Snow Queen who used to be evil. She did take one boy to her castle. Boys name Kai and the boy had a best friend named Gerda. The girl saved the boy at the end. Of course, she had many hardships on her way to Snow Queens Castle. At the end, Snow Queen was turned to good instead of evil.

Few years passed and Snow Queen did marry and had few kids even. So even Snow Queen ended up having happy ever after ever. No one really expects that. And when Crystal says who are her parents then they usually don't believe her.
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Evie Queen
Auradon Prep Student
Auradon Prep Student
Evie Queen

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PostSubject: Re: Crystal Winter   Mon Dec 12, 2016 6:52 pm

Beauty is never painless
Auradon Prep Juinor
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Crystal Winter
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