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 Darling Charming

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PostSubject: Darling Charming    Sun Dec 11, 2016 9:08 pm

~ Sometimes we have to let loose and embrace who we truly are ~

Full Name: Princess Darling Elizabeth Charming
Nickname: Dar 
Birthdate: Feburary 11, 2001
Age: 15
Grade:  Sophomore
Hometown: Cindrellasburg
Current Home: Auradon Prep
Gender: Female
Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual
Alliance: Legends

Face Claim: Peyton Roi List
Hair Style: Dar's hair is rather long and tends to be rather wavy.
Hair Color: Light Blonde with blue streaks. 
Eye Color: Blue
Unique Features: Dar has a beauty mark under her right eye.
Clothing Style: Despite being a princess, Darling tends to wear mostly casual clothing, such as jeans, boots, flannel. Although for the most part when she is in school she tends to wear dresses like her older sister. As well as when she has too she will dress as nice as she possibly could.

One Or More Paragraphs:
Darling is rather coy, acting shy, overly sweet and obedient, truly charming, true to her family name. Behaving like she is expected to, acting like a damsel in distress, to keep her family satisfied. Darling also has a love of reading and learning the unknown⎯quite mysterious herself, she has been called a bookworm by her brothers and is a good researcher. 

However, when she drops her facade, Darling has an incredible sense of whit, adventure and action - she would much rather live the life of a daring hero than as a dainty princess. However despite her reputation, Darling is far from a damsel-in-distress. Deep down, Darling has an unwavering will and won't be afraid to step in a situation and offer her help. Darling also has a "Special Touch," that when she tosses her hair, the time will slow down.

Darling has a reputation to uphold as a princess. However, she also has a reputation to uphold as a secret protector. Given that she is the one inside the White Knight's armor, Darling has spent her few years training for self-defense, fitness, strength, and stamina. Whenever her roommate Rosabella leaves the dorm, she tries her best to work out as much as possible.

Darling delights in reading books; she's been reading ever since she was little. Darling has been described as a bookworm by her brothers, so she more than likely visits the school library from time to time. Because her library excuse is believable enough, she uses it as a chance to go adventuring in her White Knight getup.

Father's Name: King Charming
Age: 45
Occupation: King of Cinderellasburg
Status:  Living

Mother's Name: Queen Cinderella Charming
Age: 43
Occupation: Queen of Cinderellasburg
Status: Living

Sibling's Name: Prince James Alexander Charming
Age: 21
Grade or Occupation: Cinderellasburg Heir
Status: Living

Sibling's Name:  Princess Ashlynn Ella Charming
Age: 18
Grade or Occupation: Graduate
Status: Living

Sibling's Name:  Prince Chad Charming
Age: 16
Grade or Occupation: Auradon Prep Juinor
Status: Living

Sibling's Name: Princess Melanie Rose Charming
Age: 16
Grade or Occupation: Auradon Prep Juinor
Status: Living

Sibling's Name: Prince Daring Cassius Charming
Age: 15
Grade or Occupation: Auradon Prep Sophomore
Status: Living

Sibling's Name:  Prince Dexter William Charming
Age: 14
Grade or Occupation: Auradon Prep Freshman
Status: Living

Sibling's Name:  Princess Serafina Victoria Charming
Age: 12
Grade or Occupation: Seventh Grader at Cinderellasburg Middle School
Status: Living

General History: 
Darling had mostly lived her life in privledge like the rest of her siblings. Due to them being the heirs to the Cinderellasburg throne, but only her eldest brother and sister were trained to take the throne. Leaving Darling and Daring in the care of their royal adviser Marques, who had been a father figure to them. Even though their mother tried to be their for them. It was often Darling and Daring were the ones who were always forgotten due to being the middle children. Although Darling was the oldest out of Daring and herself. As well one who found most of her love in books And was often reffered to as the bookworm of the family. Leading Darling to often not really care about it.

Although as she grew up, when she was no reading she tended to find a love with causing mischief. Which she often used on her older brother Chad. And she often found the joy of pranking her little brother Dexter. Although despite her side of being mischievous she was raised to act like a princess, which she did caught well. Often putting a show on of being the perfect damsel into stress, leading her parents to often believe there was no problem with her. Which had mostly been the views of her father, her mother did know how Darling secretly was.

Unlike her sister Melanie, Darling often looked up to Melanie, having no regard for Ashlynn often finding her to be her mother's daughter. Even though both James and Ashlynn tried to show some care for them. Although when things began changing for Darling was when she was told she was going to Auradon Prep when she was fourteen. Which meant for once she was going to be able to go outside the box of being different.

Even though she knew that for her classes, she had to put the perfect little princess on. Although her free time she often spent in the libraries or finding some ways to get into her older siblings business. Meaning she can never keep a secret. Which has lead to her to be in the headmistress office a couple of times. Although Darling does try to act like a princess, but tends to find more fun in causing mischief.

Family History:
When it comes to Darling's family history she knows one thing is for sure. Is that they come from a long line of royalty, and had been known to very chivalrous, which is often taught to the children ( mostly males ). She does know that her mother's side of the family had been very wealthy until her step-grandmother came in and tried to take her away. Even though little did she know that one day her step-daughter would be a queen. Even though Darling knows very little about her step-aunts. Even though once her cousins came to Auradon Prep she has done them a bit more.

Aside from that Darling's family are the royal family of Cindrellasburg, and had always displayed high expectations for their children, even though the younger ones are often put to live a normal life. Even though her family does care about her family and tends to to take their children very seriously.
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Evie Queen
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Auradon Prep Student
Evie Queen

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PostSubject: Re: Darling Charming    Sun Dec 11, 2016 11:07 pm

Beauty is never painless
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Darling Charming
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