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 Parker Perrault

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PostSubject: Parker Perrault   Sun Dec 11, 2016 11:09 pm

~ Only those are truly charming smile ~

Full Name: Prince Parker Philip Perrault
Nickname: Prince Arrogant, Park, The Idiot Heir
Birthdate: April 12, 2000
Age: 16
Grade:  Junior
Hometown: Auroria 
Current Home: Auradon Prep
Gender: Male
Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual
Alliance: Legends

Face Claim: Garrett Clayton
Hair Style: Parker's hair is rather short, but long enough for him to style. Which he often combs and tends to use too much hairspray. 
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Unique Features: Parker will at one point get a tattoo, but that is it. 
Clothing Style: Parker tends to wear anything that he finds make him look attractive. Whether it be a nice pair of jeans, white converse, a flannel or a polo shirt. Although sometimes he is seen in a normal pair of jeans, a t shirt. Although he does tend to dress preppy. 

One Or More Paragraphs: 
Parker is the kind of boy who tends to think too highly of himself. And tends to have the arrogant teen boy type of outlook, and is often found with those who are just like him. Often considering himself a hero, and acts like he cares by doing gentleman things, and tends to often be in la la land. Due to being very spoiled he is just like his sister. And often considered himself being the more attractive one out of the two of them. He also is very vain and tends to find himself one to be a narcissist. Even though he would never admit it. Despite having several flaws he tends to like to point out everyone else's flaws.

He is also very intelligent, but he often likes to show himself as being an airhead. Tending to play the dumb role quite a bit. And likes to be the center of attention. Leading Audrey and him to have quite a few arguments when they were younger. Parker also is known be a player, and tends to play girls. Wanting to be the heartbreaker, and knows how to seduce a girl. Which has led to him having the bad reputation at Auradon Prep. Although when he is in his parents site. He tends to act like the perfect son, when he is far from perfect.

Parker is also very athletic, and is apart of the basketball team and the tourney team. And tends to be one who likes to party, and takes school not seriously at all. Finding it to be a useful thing, and finds that one day he is meant to be royal. So he tends to put school to the back-burner. And often likes to taunt his sister. Tending to be very competitive and tends to get very jealous and can often be known to lash out at times.

Even though apart of him does have a good side, such as being very caring about his family. And very protective over his sister and despite being a heart-breaker. Will more than likely go after whoever breaks his sister heart. Although for the most part Parker is more vain and very self-centered.  

Father's Name: Prince Philip Perrault
Age: 43
Occupation: Family Heir
Status:  Living

Mother's Name: Princess Aurora Perrault
Age: 42
Occupation: Housewife
Status: Living

Sibling's Name: Princess Briar Beauty Perrault
Age: 17
Grade or Occupation: Auradon Prep Senior
Status: Living

Sibling's Name: Princess Audrey Perrault
Age: 16
Grade or Occupation: Auradon Prep Junior
Status: Living

Sibling's Name: Prince Michael Tobias Perrault
Age: 14
Grade or Occupation: Auradon Prep Freshman
Status: Living

Other Key Family Members

Name: King Stefan
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Former King
Status: Deceased

Name: Queen Leah
Age: 69
Occupation: Former Queen
Status: Living

Name: King Hubert
Age: 71
Occupation: King of Auroria
Status: Living
General History: 
Parker grew up as the firstborn son and third child of Prince Philip and Princess Aurora. Leading him to be put with the pressure that one day after his grandfather and father passes, he would become King of Auroria. Which led Parker from a young age to have a sliver spoon, and be a rather spoiled brat. Even though it was often not to his parents eyes. That Parker had always been one who was arrogant, and had spent most of his life having everyone else do things for him. Aside from that Parker often spent his time with his father, due to his mother wanting him to be just like his father. Leading him to when he was younger to have sword training with his family's knight Sir Esteban Lopez. 

And briely when he was younger sent to a school for knights, but his parents had no clue. That their son had grown to be a very arrogant young man. In many cases often told off, by his advisers that his arrogance would get him nowhere. Leading him to often find others way to torment others. Which he often did to his younger brother Michael. Who his father found to be more worthy of the throne as years went on. Despite his grandfather constantly intervening by saying the throne is meant for the first born. Even though little to everyone's knowledge his father had been secretly training Michael to one day rule.

Although aside from that when it came to schooling, he often was known to have anyone who he considered smart to do his work for him. Which was known to his older sister who often scolded Parker for it. Once he attended Auradon Prep, he began to grow to more of a ladies man. Considering himself a heart throb, and had many girlfriends since his Freshman year. Despite spending his freetime on the Tourney field.

Where he had decided that if he were to change his parents view on him, he ought to play sports. Little to his knowledge not realizing that he was actually pretty good at it. But once the villains children came, he grew to be very jealous and having the same views as his sister. And tends to have a love for taunting them, but has been beginning to change.

Due to the fact that he wants to one day obtain Throne of Auroria.

Family History:
The Perrault family had always been a royal family, that had many curses. The most common known curse being the one of Aurora which led her to an deep sleep. Although little did they know her walking up would result in an heir that was very arrrogant, but as for that the Perrault's have always been known to take their job seriously. And ones who tried to teach their children the right ways to rule and being known to favor the heirs more.

Even though they had often not much like from the villain Maleficent, and tend to have a bit of a distaste for the daughter. And are often known to be protective over not letting that happen.
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Auradon Prep Student
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PostSubject: Re: Parker Perrault   Mon Dec 12, 2016 12:07 am

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Parker Perrault
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