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 Canon Character Claim

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Evie Queen
Auradon Prep Student
Auradon Prep Student
Evie Queen

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PostSubject: Canon Character Claim   Sat Dec 10, 2016 10:10 pm

Hey guys! Here is the the canon claims to claim your canons. Also canons can be claimed from both Descendants and Ever After High, also due to the fact that the second Descendants is coming out feel free to claim any characters from there. As for the Ever After High face claims feel free to use any. Also feel free to claim characters from Wicked World too, since there are some in there. Also if you wish to make a sibling of one of the canons children please ask them. Also do not be scared too make your canon children of people who were in the fairy tales since there are plenty. Now here are the canons.

Descendants Canon Children/Characters
Mal Keres - Daughter of Maleficent - Taken 
Evie Queen - Daughter of Evil Queen - Taken
Jay - Son of Jafar - Taken
Carlos De Vil - Son of Cruella De Vil - Open
Audrey - Daughter of Aurora - Open
Ben - Son of Belle - Reserved
Chad Charming - Son of King Charming - Taken
Jane Godley - Daughter of Fairy Godmother - taken
Lonnie - Daughter of Mulan - Open
Doug - Son of Dopey - Open
Jordan - Daughter of Genie - Open
Freddie Facilier - Daughter of Facilier - Open
Uma - Daughter of Ursula - Open
Harry Hook - Son of Captain Hook - Open
Gil - Son of Gaston - Open
Zevon - Son of Yzma - Open
Yzla - Daugter of Yzma - Open
Dizzy Tremaine - Daughter of Drizella Tremaine - Open
Anthony Tremaine - Son of Anastasia Tremaine - Open

Maleficent - Open
Evil Queen - Open
Belle - Reserved
Beast ( Adam ) - Open
Fairy Godmother - Open
King Charming - Open
Cinderella - Open
Aurora- Open
Jafar - Open
Cruella De Vil - Open

Ever After High Canon Children/Characters
Cedar Wood - Daughter of Pinocchio - Open 
Cerise Hood - Daughter of Red Riding Hood - Open
Darling Charming - Daughter of King Charming - Reservd
Daring Charming - Son of King Charming - Open
Dexter Charming - Son of King Charming - Open
Humphry Dumpty - Son of Humpty Dumpty - Open
Hunter Huntsman - Son of The Huntsman - Open
Kitty Cheshire - Daughter of the Cheshire Cat - Taken
Madeline Hatter - Daughter of the Mad Hatter - Open
Melody Piper - Daughter of Pied Piper - Open
Sparrow Hood - Son of Robin Hood - Reserved
Raven Queen - Daughter of Evil Queen - Reserved
Alistair Wonderland - Son of Alice - Open
Apple White - Daughter of Snow White - Open
Rosebella Windsor - Daughter of Belle - Taken
Ashlynn Ella - Daughter of Cinderella - Open
Blondie Lockes - Daughter of Goldilock - Open
Duchess Swan - Daughter of Swan Queen - Open
Holly Fitzherbert - Daughter of Rapunzel - Reserved
Poppy Fitzherbert - Daughter of Rapunzel - Open
Lizzie Hearts - Daughter of Queen of Hearts - Open
Briar Beauty - Daughter of Aurora - Open
Crytsal Winter - Daughter of Snow Queen - Taken 

OC Canon Children 
Gideon Gold - Son of Rumpelstiltskin and Unnamed Woman
Raiden Gold - Son of Rumpelstiltskin  and Unnamed Woman
Melanie Charming - Daughter of Prince Charming and Cinderella
Cameron Charming - Son of Prince Charming and Cinderella
Jackson Rider - Son of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider
Parker Perrault - Son of Aurora and Prince Philip
Unnamed - Son of Hades and Unknown Woman
Mackenzie Keres - Daughter of Maleficent and Unknown Man 

OC Canon Villains/Heros
Rapunzel Fitzherbert
Eugene Fitzherbert

Beauty is never painless
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Canon Character Claim
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