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 Melanie Charming

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PostSubject: Melanie Charming    Sun Dec 11, 2016 1:04 am

~ You know the words, go write your song~

Full Name: Melanie Rose Charming
Nickname: Princess or Mel
Birthdate: February 14, 2000
Age: 16
Grade: Junior
Hometown: Charmington
Current Home: Auradon Prep
Gender: Female
Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual
Alliance: Legends

Face Claim: Olivia Holt
Hair Style: Mel's hair comes down to right below her chest. Is rather wavy and tends to be styled, but she either has a bread in it or she puts her hair up.
Hair Color: Light Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Unique Features: Mel's has both her ears pierced, as well as two holes in each ears. She will get a tattoo one point of her family's crest.
Clothing Style: Mel will wear mostly anything from dresses, jeans, sweatshirts. Although she is more a fan of wearing blue like her mother. And tends to have more of a preppy girl. Even though in many cases she tries to dress normal like in flannel, jeans, converse or vans. 

One Or More Paragraphs:
Melanie is often described as being someone who kind and soft. And having all the attributes a princess should have, and being the polar opposite of her brother Chad. Even though she can be charming, and snotty. She tends to display the idea of being more kind and willing to do anything for anyone who comes across her. Despite being kind and soft, she tends to be one who takes her royal duties seriously. Which often annoys her siblings, and making her one of her parents favorites. Aside from that Melanie tends to very envious when it comes to school and others having what she doesn't.

Leading Melanie to be rather temperamental, and known to not let others in. Which contributes to Melanie being very insecure and despite being kind, she often is nervous. Especially when it comes to boys, and whenever a boy tries to talk to her she tends to act very awkward and nervous. Even though around her friends she is comfortable, its only when it comes to boys she tends to be rather socially awkward. And tends to not really live on the wild side like her siblings.

Even though Melanie is rather socially awkward in some occasions, she is very intelligent, and when it comes to her siblings they often make her do all their work. Since Melanie has a higher intellectual level then her children her age. And that mostly contributes to her requesting her parents to have her be tutored when she was younger. Making her fluent in other languages, and she tends to school very seriously. 

Melanie is also very athletic, and is a huge fan of swimming. Leading her to be on the swim team, and the current captain of the swim team. Which is also why she tends to get socially awkward, since she spends most of her time swimming or doing her school work. Even though she won't admit she is very a good singer, leading her mother to often say that she should try out on one of Auradon's singing shows. But she tries to keep that secret, and put the appearance of being an athletic nerd. And is very determined to keep that, making her mother's favorite.   

Father's Name: King Charming
Age: 45
Occupation: King of Charmington
Status: Living

Mother's Name: Queen Cinderella Charming
Age: 44
Occupation: Queen of Charmington
Status: Living

Sibling's Name: Prince James Alexander Charming
Age:  21
Grade or Occupation: Auradon Prep Graduate and Charmington Heir
Status: Living

Sibling's Name: Princess Ashlynn Ella Charming
Age: 18
Grade or Occupation: Graduate
Status: Living 

Sibling's Name: Prince Chad Charming
Age: 16
Grade or Occupation: Auradon Prep Juinor
Status: Living

Sibling's Name: Princess Darling Elizabeth Charming
Age: 15
Grade or Occupation: Auradon Prep Sophomore
Status: Living

Sibling's Name: Prince Daring Cassius Charming
Age: 15
Grade or Occupation: Auradon Prep Sophomore
Status: Living

Sibling's Name: Prince Dexter William Charming
Age: 14
Grade or Occupation: Auradon Prep Freshmen
Status: Living

Sibling's Name: Princess Serafina Victoria Charming
Age: 12
Grade or Occupation: Seventh Grader at Charmington Middle School
Status: Living

Other Key Family Members
The Tremaine Family
General History:
Melanie grew up in a life of privilege, leading her to be extremely spoiled by her parents. And being raised to be a princess, even though she was never trained to be queen. Which often was done with her older brother and sister Ashlynn and James. Who she never had any relationship with them. Since both of them were too busy training to lead Charmington. Which lead Melanie to often spend time with her mother, growing a very close relationship with her. And her mother did give her duties growing up which she often took very seriously. 

Even though Melanie was a princess and one of the children in line for the throne, she had the advantage of having a semi-normal life which she often spent reading books and when she was six years old. She began to grow a huge love for music which her mother thought was amazing. Leading her mother to often urge her to go to a music school or something. Which Melanie often said no too since she wanted to be able to go to public school like her siblings. Although Melanie was often placed into private schools since she was one who wanted to hold her expectations for being a princess.

When it came to her relationships with her siblings, she had the strongest with Darling, as she felt Darling often put a show on for being a princess. And was often found playing with Daring and Dexter. Leading Melanie to be stuck spending time with her twin brother Chad, who she has time grew on began to tolerate. Although she always looked up to her sister Ashlynn and had been the second sibling she was closest with. 

Once she turned fourteen, she was excited to know that she was going to Auradon Prep. Since it was the time of age where the heroes children went to the school. Where she immediately became friends with Madison Triton, Audrey, and Lonnie. Even though she is closest with Madison who the first day she found out was her roommate. Which had been by they became very close with each other. 

Leading Melanie to grow a love for swimming and had tried for the swim team, making it. Even though she had no clue that in her sophomore year she would become the captain of the team. Always known to keep her grades up and once she hit her junior year she has become on who has been trying to look into possible colleges. Even though once she found out the villains children were coming she has become quite accepting, but lately her friendships have been becoming rather estranged.

Family History: 
When it comes to Melanie's family history she knows one thing is for sure. Is that they come from a long line of royalty, and had been known to very chivalrous, which is often taught to the children ( mostly males ). She does know that her mother's side of the family had been very wealthy until her step-grandmother came in and tried to take her away. Even though little did she know that one day her step-daughter would be a queen. Even though Melanie knows very little about her step-aunts. Even though once her cousins came to Auradon Prep she has done them a bit more.

Aside from that Melanie's family are the royal family of Charmington, and had always displayed high expectations for their children, even though the younger ones are often put to live a normal life. Even though her family does care about her family and tends to to take their children very seriously.
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Auradon Prep Student
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PostSubject: Re: Melanie Charming    Sun Dec 11, 2016 2:21 pm

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Melanie Charming
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