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 Pandora Windsor

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Pandora Windsor
Auradon Prep Student
Auradon Prep Student
Pandora Windsor

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PostSubject: Pandora Windsor    Thu Mar 09, 2017 2:11 pm

~ I am beauty with the temper of a beast ~

Full Name: Pandora Anabelle WIndsor
Nickname: Panda, Little Princess
Birthdate: May 14
Age: 15
Grade: Sophomore
Hometown: Auradon
Current Home: Auradon
Gender: Female
Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual
Alliance: Legends

Face ClaimBarbara Palvin
Hair Style:Varies [/b]
Hair Color: light brown
Eye Color: blue
Unique Features: None
Clothing Style: Varies

One Or More Paragraphs ( be detailed )

Pandora is a very loving and caring girl with lots of friends. She tries to befriend everyone she meets. She is the picture perfect copy of her mother with her fathers temper. She is Beauty with a little bit of Beast. She loves to try new thing and meeting new people. She is the best person to have as a friend and the worst to have as an enemy. She idolizes her big brother, Ben and loves spending time with him.

Father's Name:Adam Windsor
Occupation: Royalty
Status: Living

Mother's Name: Belle Windsor
Age: ?
Occupation: Royalty
Status:  Living

Sibling's Name: Ben Windsor
Age: 18
Grade or Occupation: Senior
Occupation: King
Status:  Living

Sibling's Name: Rosabella Windsor
Age: 17
Grade or Occupation: Senior
Occupation: Princess
Status:  Living

Pets Name: Lucy
Age: 2
Species: Dog
Status: Living

Other Key Family Members
Status: ( Living or Deceased )

General History: Three or More Paragraphs ( be detailed )
Pandora is the daughter of Adam and Belle Windsor and the youngest Princess of Auradon. Pandora spent most of her life in the shadow of her older sister Rosabella. She always felt a bit of resentment towards her older sister because of this. She is the youngest of the Windsor children, so she didnt get much of the responsibilities. She still had some, but not alot.

She spent most of her childhood spending time with her older brother, Ben. He became her best friend and she idolizes him like no one else. When the isle kids came to Auradon, Ben ebcame distant due to his relationship with Mal and Pandora suddenly had no one. So she isolated herself for a while and resented Mal for it.

Family History: Two or More Paragraphs ( be detailed )

Pandora is the daughter of Belle and Adam Windsor, Beauty and the Beast. She has an older brother named Ben and an older sister named Rosabella. She doesnt get along very well with Rosabella having always been in her shadow growing up. But she idolizes Ben and lvoes him with all of her heart [/center]
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Mal Keres
Auradon Prep Student
Auradon Prep Student
Mal Keres

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PostSubject: Re: Pandora Windsor    Sat Mar 11, 2017 12:55 pm

Firstly: General History needs to have three paragraphs it's said in the code.
Second: Family history isn't one but two paragraphs.
Thirdly: Please try to be more detailed. The more info you give about your char in apps there more easily people get to know your char before they began to plot with you.
Fourthly: It would be nice if you expand your personality bit more too. Just bolding it doesn't make it longer than it is.

I'm not trying to mean but just if you wanted to be accepted then you still need to follow the rules like everyone else. I'm just trying to help you.

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Pandora Windsor
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